illustrationer: Tora Mandelmann

Welcome to Mandelmann’s Gardens

The gardens are seasonally closed.

Farm shop business hours: click here

What is Mandelmanns Trädgårdar?

Mandelmanns Trädgårdar is a certified organic farm with organic exhibit gardens. It is family run and was founded in 1996. We are open for visitors seasonally, june til september.

Book a visit (booking is closed due to the gardens being seasonally closed)

Admission: 165 sek

Children of age 0-14: free admission

We have a limited space for parking. If you come here by foot or by bicycle it is therefor possible to purchase entrance ticket at site, in the farm shop. Entrance is only possible through the farm shop, located in the heart of the village Rörum. Ergo not from the surrounding hills.

  • Caravans and RV:s are not allowed due to narrow road and parkinglot. It is possible to park at Olas RV parking lot, entrance from road 9, coordinates: 55°37’52.2″N 14°15’06.7″E 

Start with choosing a date. Then, specify time of visit (besökstid), number of tickets and if you travel by car or not (bilar). Finally, pay by card.

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Only green dates can be booked, if other colors appear (red or grey) it is either full or closed that day.

By buying a ticket you agree to the terms:

A bought ticket cannot be redeemed.
The ticket is only valid the date that has been chosen. The date cannot be changed.
The ticket is not to be resold to a higher price or used in any other commercial purpose.

Please notice that:

  • We are cash free.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the area.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the area.
  • Caravans and RV:s are not allowed due to narrow road and parkinglot.
  • As a parent or similar you are responsible for your child/children and that he/she/they are respectful when interacting with animals, plants and the surroundings.

Mandelmanns Trädgårdar is an organic farm with exhibitional gardens, located in the south of Sweden. The farm is family run and was founded in 1996. Green houses, ponds and gardens have been established over the years and we grow a variety of vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, artichokes etc). We produce meat (mostly lamb) and have a couple of milking cows for the production of our own cheese.

We have a farm shop where you can find our harvest, and a garden kitchen – a café where our garden guests can have lunch or something sweet, all made out of the farm’s produce. The gardens, including the kitchen that is placed there, are open for prebooked visitors seasonally, from late june til october.

The farm shop is located outside the garden area and is free to visit. Look under the tabbutiken to find business hours!


If you wonder anything else, please send a message to